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Preparation H is the best for cold sores! I have one right now and I remembered that my landlord told me one time that if I ever had a cold sore to use Preparation H on it. At first I thought this was gross but I bought a new tube and decided to try it. I even bought the generic brand. I also bought a generic cold sore medicine. I got home, immediately went to the mirror anxious to try my home remedy. As soon as I put the hemorrhoid gel on the cold sore, it stopped itching and burning. I put some of the cold sore medicine on it as well just for added help. This was around 1:00 pm yesterday afternoon. I repeated this process once every couple hours until I went to bed. I noticed a significan reduction in swelling within the first couple hours. At bedtime, I put extra of both medicines on the cold sore. This morning it feels and looks soooo much better. I'm home from work today for a snow day so I'm going to repeat this process every couple hours all day long and hopefully by tomorrow morning the cold sore won't be noticeable. I strongly encourage anyone who suffers from cold sores to buy some hemorrhoid cream. Its amazing!!!!!

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