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Sorry girls... there are some people who have it and those few lucky ones who don't... and they will get it once they hit 30-ish!! It's a fact of life. The only way to have less is to exercise. There is an AWESOME machine called an eliptical that works your legs and booty plus gets your heart rate to an aerobic level (you can add an arm movement if you wish)....beware it took me about 3 weeks to be able to do this machine for more than 20 min. For the first week I could barely do 5 min! Keep in mind I had 5 children less than 6 years apart! I had gotten to 213 lbs at 5 4- I was a chunky monkey! I'm currently at 170 and honestly...I've watched what I ate and exercised 5 days a week for a month and a half each time to loose 10-ish lbs each time and then maintained it for 3 months at a time. Learn to loose slowly and maintain a little at a time.. then you don't have to give up so much at a time!!

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You sound like an awesome person. Congrats on losing the weight. God bless!


What a healthy way to loose wt.Wish others will also follow this wt loss programme :) Go girl!!!


I've given up... I'm only 23 and I have the uglest legs.. ever. My tummy and everything else seems ok, but my legs and butt are soo chunky and first, the cellulite started on my legs but now it's spread onto the bum as well... I've been doing some cardio training with a jumping rope and also some pilates for about a week now or so but nothing seems to change. Is this because it just takes longer or should I try doing some other kind of exercise? Please help!


that is great that you are losing the weight!!! i am sixteen and a gymnast i have a litle cellulite on my upper thighs right under my butt. i work out alot to get rid of it and it is working.. just at a slow pace. congrats on losing the weight its really inspiring


COngrats on losing the weight. I am 23 and just lost 25 pounds. I have always had cellulite. My legs are a mess and I do the elliptical for almost an hour 5 times a week for the last 6months and still no change. It actually looks worse.
So sometimes exercise doesn't work...bad genes I guess. I do some exercises on the balance ball with my legs up while lying on the floor then thrust my hips upwards while balancing my feet on the ball. It works out my hamstrings but still...cellulite. I'm thinking of trying the coffee grinds home remedy. It might work if only to lessen the appearance.


I hate my cellulite on my legs and lower butt and I am only 16 years old. I am 5'10 and about 160lbs. I used to weigh around 170 but after using the elliptical for 30-40 minutes everyday Ive noticed a difference in both the appearance of my legs and butt, but Ive also seen a change in my personality. Im a lot happier in general! Good job on the weight loss keep it up. We all know how hard it is for women to loose weight and keep it off so congrats on that.


I completely disagree! I have 3 children and weigh at my minimum. I have been doing the eleptical for YEARS now (LITERALLY) and I still have cellulite! No, the machine will not help you get rid of it ( though it might help with the weight). Clean diet is the best way to go.


I totally agree I've always been 130/140 @ 5'3' and even after I had my twins I went back to normal,however after way too long of taking the HELL shot,aka depo shot. I weighed up tp 185 and now I'm 170 This was in three weeks my problem is all my food goes to my hips and butt and altho I have a nice shape the cellulite kills it.I've started to eat healthy stopped eating after 7pm if hungry I will have a fruit h2o ect.Im working out witch I realllllly dont like ar even just walking the park everyday for an hour and dancing a lot to techno music in my livingroom has really helped,i'm still struggling a little with they cellulite so I'm deffenetly gunna try everyones tips.THANK YOU

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