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Golf ball sized boil in inner thigh. Could have been MRSA, I dunno. Started small, then I tried to squeeze and you can see that it spread into my leg, causing massive infection. Very painful.

A few days, no head. Then I got a fever so I knew it had to be drained. Refused to get it lanced. Here's what I did and it worked.

I covered the area in toothpaste and covered it with plastic wrap. Left on overnight. It burned. Next morning, the skin broke and a tiny bit of fluid was coming out. I cleaned the area, applied polysporin triple strength and taped some gauze over it.

I never squeezed anything out. I changed the bandage twice daily, leaving hot washcloths on for a bit between changing.

The wound drained itself over the course of about five days. I removed the bandage, the skin was raw and there was a hole about the size of a peppercorn, significantly smaller.p than before. At this point, I decided to give it air and let it dry out.

Three days of drying, no ointment, and the skin is flaking off. A bit itchy but zero pain, skin is nearly healed.

Hope this helps.

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