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at first i got colds, countless fever breakouts, for almost 5 days, though it's not that bad since i can move freely, until i noticed it's not just a simple flu, but sinusitis, since my face got pressure and i can almost not open my mouth... Phlegm is too thick, so i keep on blowing hard, until i can hear some mucus being vacuumed out from my ear, then i went to search on the net on how to completely declog the ear, and i saw this valsalva maneuver, but turns out my ears didn't pop but rather a lot of mucus entered the middle ear of my right ear, so it was a failure since i was so hydrated when i did the valsalva maneuver thingy...

Since a lot mucus are clogging my right ear, it was too painful and annoying, and i almost can't survive it, and i hoped i didn't do the valsalva maneuver... So the next morning i ended up buying a nasal spray... But few hours after the spray my nasal discharge (phlegm) was always mixed with blood and i hated it. So what i did is I let the mucus inside my ear to be there and i keep on hydrating myself., it feels funny though, because everytime i move, i can feel a very mobile liquid on my ear going there and here, i even though of sleeping opposite from my

affected ear, but turns out the next morning it hardened, so it was very painful and i can't almost hear anything from my right ear.., then i did some thoughts since my ear has been clogged for 3 days now, i decided to buy some anitibiotics to treat it, and so it works, since 10 mins after taking amoxil, my ear is making sounds and i can now get rid of the mucus build up from my right ear through my mouth.. and it's been back to 100 percent in just a day...

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