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I get this occasionally, usually in winter.

I'm grateful for everyones comments here so I will share my own:

As mentioned in previous comments, Nizoral dandruff shampoo works well (to kill the fungus I assume). I dab a little on wet tissue and gently scrub it on my lips at night, let is sit for about 30 seconds, then rinse it off. I also will wash my hair in the morning with the Nizoral and let the soap wash over my face when I rinse.

I also use green tea facial pads to clean away lip bacteria in the morning and evening.

Lastly, Lansinoh brand Lanolin ointment is awesome for treating dryness and scaling. It also provide some pain relief. Its designed to sooth breastfeeding women's cracked nipples so its very gentle and safe for your lips. I use it one to four times a day as needed. Its perfect to slather on at night after rising off the Nizoral.

If I catch it early it heals up in a day or two with this treatment.

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