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Dealt with BV many years now. Tried probiotics, antibiotics, natural remedies, PH balancing supplements, apple cidar vinegar, peroxide, etc. Nothing worked permately. Some helped for a few days and then it would be back. I dealt with BV, ammonia smell discharge, reoccuring yeast infections..what a nightmare. It's so embarrassing. Anyways, if you're battling with this. CHECK FOR LOW THYROID. Low thyroid causes you to maintain a low body temperature. (below 98.6) Low body temperature allows bacteria to flourish. Get your body temp up and the bacteria can't survive. I started taking an OTC thyroid support supplement and I haven't had any issues since and my acne cleared up and hair is healthier.

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How long have you taken the OTC supplement?


How many did you take a day?
Does it matter what kind to get?
How long before it went away?

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