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I have pretty brutal tooth pains from what I believe are either really infected cavities or something else, I haven't been able to visit the dentist since I was 11 because of cost and lack of coverage and I'm almost 20 and have even less coverage and am earning my own money which is very little to go off of.
I have went through and red a few remedies and have tried a few and the ones I found to be the most helpful are chewing on a piece of onion, biting down on a clove of garlic and hold for 5 minutes or soaking toilet paper in mouth wash and biting down on it. Not in that order.
see I tried swishing warm salt water, didn't do anything for me, so I looked some up and tried the onion one and it worked for a bit, but the pain came back so I tried the garlic idea and it worked for the longest and once that ran out I tried the mouth wash idea and it worked but not for long. So I found biting down on garlic worked the best.
Thank you to all those who gave me good ideas! I will try more if these stop working for me :D

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Thanks for the toilet paper soaked in mouth was idea. Since i didnt have any garlic. I tried that and the pain did go away for a couple of hours. Just enough time for me to fall asleep.


OMG!!!!!!!! Bitting down on a clove of garlic took away the pain INSTANTLY. However, when I for the first time bit into the whole garlic, within few seconds it felt like I was biting into a HOT MOLTON LAVA!!!!!! But the pain went from 7 to 2... what a difference it makes..... thank you.


A fresh garlic clove coated in salt DEFINITELY works for the pain. It burns like crazy but the pain did subside, paired with 2 ibuprofens! Now I'm dealing with swelling and hoping these antibiotics kick in quick. :(


thank you all for your tidbits , I am like sunshine , I have very bad teeth and no way to pay for proper care , The garlic idea has worked the fastest and longest for me .


Ice sounds crazy but all my life bad teeth want to kill my self they are so bad ice has and still does work for me

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