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We have 5 children, all of which at some point in time, have went through this stage. We stopped giving drinks an hour and a half before bedtime and making sure to 'tinkle' before going to bed.
A bad habit parents get into now-a-days is pull-ups!! My oldest was 7 and we told her no more pull-ups and it only took her a week to start getting up to go to the bathroom and quit peeing on herself out of pure lazyness and not wanting to get out of bed. Needless to say- only my first two kids got pull-ups (there is only 13 months between the two or the 2nd wouldn't have gotten them either!)

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Yes, this is what it is... just being lazy. That is why my 10 year old daughter who exhibits no other signs of being lazy chooses to wear pull-ups every night. It's ironic that this independent, socially and academically advanced, and responsible child only chooses to be lazy at night. But, now that you, oh wise one, have pointed it out.... I see it so clearly now. Yes, she is lazy. Forget what research, family history and medical professionals say. Thank my lucky stars I found you. Now I know that she is lazy. I will promptly tell her she is lazy and take away her pullups. *rolls eyes with sarcasm*


To Jess and to French..ha funny. I will make sure I punish my 11 year old boy that has such bad accidents he cant spend a full day at school without having a change of clothes. My son was born 12 weeks early and still has a under-developed bladder. But no worries since all children are alike I will definately maken sure i sit in the back of his class and laugh at him with the rest of the children because he is lazy. I am sure u are one of the idiots who throws their child on add meds too without doing the research because of course something is wrong with them. Do your research before you post foul comments like that. You my friend are teaching your children that they are all the same and to be judgemental......EPIC FAIL


I agree to a point that laziness is a huge part in it. with my child it is. we buy the pull ups he wont put them on before bed. And he is 10. Also i have set an alarm several times and set it by a dresser just a few steps from the bathroom. I would hide behind the door to see if he just slept thru it. nope go up turned the alarm off and layed there and watched tv for bout 25 min. if thats not lazy please redefine it for me!!


Nobody pisses the bed because of mere laziness! I just read an article on parents who are negative about the topic! Don't you know you can make them psychologically unbalanced by this?


I've seen both approaches where the kids do well after taking away the pull ups or in the case of the older kids adult diapers, and they do fine, but I've also seen a ton of cases that this doesn't help. In adolescents, there is recent medical evidence that bed wetting is due to constipation. Don't think of this as the same as adult constipation where you don't go for a week. The cure has been adapting a high fiber diet of more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


Mummy tried everything with me and that included having me NOT wear protective panty s (like a nappy or diaper) so my sheet would then be wet. IT never even woked me up....till morning and I felt all wet and smelly. Finally maturity won the night and by my late teens I was dry at night...
( Except for a rare relapse very occasionally. )


The one pweon talking about other countries - have they lived there. I lived overseas for over 30 yrs. and guess what? They have children with the same bedwetting problem. In fact, some of their children take bottles until they are 14 and suck on pacifers about the same length of time. So don't make this just an American issue. These parents need to understand each child is an induvidual, no more how many other children are in the family, with their own unique needs, problems and talents. Sometimes bedwetting can be solved by simply withholding liquids and giving honey before bed. But others may need an adjustment or alarm or other things, even, my goodness, pull-ups. And some may wet the beds because of emotional problems. The thing is we, as parents, need to be open minded. Just saying you have 5 kids doen't mean a lot. None of us know your kids. I raised 2 and fostered over 30 but to you, so what? Show compassion - especially to our children.


Some kids could be lazy but not all children. My daughter actually wake up an still peed in her pull ups just for the convinience. It was after I took away the pull ups that she got serious. However, bed wetting is not a laziness issue. But some of our kids won't understand the seriousness of it if we pamper them with pull ups.


my youngest is 8 he struggles with wetting the bed every night. He wears Goodnight Pull ups to bed. I have taken them away for periods of time but it didn't help. We tried the chiropractor too, nothing changed. We tried the honey remedy, again didn't work for him. His dad will even wake him to go to the bathroom during the night and the next morning my child has zero recollection that he ever got up at all. Deep sleep is the problem I am not sure how long it will take for him to 'get it' and grow out of it but until then I will never make a big deal of it nor shame him. It is certainly not due to laziness as he will cry because he is upset with himself for wetting the bed. I am so proud of him and will never humiliate him about it, I was a bed wetter as a kid and got spanked and punished for it, that is the WRONG way to parent for sure. So to the person who initially said it was 'laziness' is an ignorant, small minded parent and a foolish one at that. I hope you didn't ever say those words to your child. I am the mother of 6 so this is not my first rodeo with this should apologize to the parents and children you offended for suggesting that it is just laziness...I am shaking my head


I am 26, and I've struggled with bedwetting all my life.I tried everything. Alarm clocks,honey,no after dusk liquids, dehydrating myself by eating excess salt at night, pills, we don't have pull ups here so I have no idea what that is. Only thing I haven't tried is adult diapers.I was born 8 weeks early,and so I've had issues with body growth and development. Now I only have short relapses, but I have to get up multiple times at night. Sometimes I have minor accidents even during the day so definitely it's not a laziness issue.

Please be a bit more sensitive

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