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We have 5 children, all of which at some point in time, have went through this stage. We stopped giving drinks an hour and a half before bedtime and making sure to 'tinkle' before going to bed.
A bad habit parents get into now-a-days is pull-ups!! My oldest was 7 and we told her no more pull-ups and it only took her a week to start getting up to go to the bathroom and quit peeing on herself out of pure lazyness and not wanting to get out of bed. Needless to say- only my first two kids got pull-ups (there is only 13 months between the two or the 2nd wouldn't have gotten them either!)

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Lucky you!


Must be nice... we took pull ups away from our four boys and now I just wash sheets everyday. This is not a laziness problem.


Yeah...this is not a laziness problem. I'm sorry, but that is just an simply an ignorant statement.


if your first two kids were the only ones to use pull-ups and you had 5 children what is your excuse for the other three childrens bed wetting problems (who you admit to having bed wetting problems 'at one point'). pull-ups are not the problem. Neither is laziness.


So do you take away bandaids so your kids don't bleed when they get cut? Makes about the same amount of sense. Your comments were judgemental, hurtful, and ignorant. You should be thankful your kids didn't have the issues our kids deal with - they are embarrassing and damaging. If taking away pull-ups cured your child then you are dealing with an entirely different level of bedwetting. Our kids are not lazy, they have a physical issue we are working together to overcome.


If it were as easy as eliminating pull-ups we wouldn't be seraching for answers. I can't imagine any older child choosing the convienence of pull-ups over going to the bathroom. True bedwetting is no the child's choice or fault. So keep your day job.


What a way to portray yourself as a parent? LOL! If only we all had your smarts on raising kids, huh?
Your ignorant for judging. Shame on you.


I understand what she was saying about the laziness, what she means is her children became too lazy to wake up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom. It was just to easy to lay sleepily and pee! Im guilty of this diaper habit, its easier for me to put my 4 year old in a diaper than it is for me to wash her sheet daily. and I know the longer i use this diaper, the less she is thinking about bedwetting.


I agree, it is not a laziness problem, its a hormonal deficiency that some child lack, that normally tells the brain 'my bladder is full, wakeup!'
There is more on the topic (where i got this information from) on this bedwetting alarm site thanks


Children in some countries don't have pull-ups, and they are doing fine.
In some countries children are clean before 2, with no pull-ups. She is right.
Wake up americans!!!

Maybe I miss something, a pull-up on a child of 7 years old????????

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