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This is going to sound 'omg' to everyone but it works. I have read way too many posts of people telling you diet, supplements bla bla bla. I wanted to read something telling me how to get the damn things gone when they appear. So here is mine. My outbreaks come on pretty fast. As soon as I feel the tingle or itch, the spot is already there, so remedies for catching it early are hopeless. I take a q-tip and dip it in lysol(regular lemon lysol) hold it on the spot for about a minute. Then rub it around on the spot a few times. It may burn a little but nothing compared to the pain of the sore itself. U will notice the shedding starting immediately. Do this 3 times in one day. By the 2nd day the sore is dried out and open. That's when u do the peroxide and neosporin frequently. My outbreaks clear in 2 days. I have tried everything and this has been the best remedy for me. I know alot of people will say 'omg you put lysol on your genitals?' Well do you want to get rid of the outbreak or not! Don't be afraid to do it, it causes no reactions, especially since the only place you are applying it is on the herpes spot. I found it online so apparently somebody else did it first. Lysol kills the herpes virus so it only stands to reason that it would help. I was hesitant at first but I got so fed up with the pain that I was willing to try anything!

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I tried the Lysol. I was desperate. I break out with no warning too. I had a date on Friday and it was Tuesday morning. I will say that it helped, but it's not gone.
Thank you for your advice. I canceled my date.


Lysol is very dangerous ! Can cause cancer ! Please do not put this on your skin !


I was just diagnosed with gh about 2 weeks ago. I am still trying to figure out WTF is going on all the way around. I had originally thought I cut myself shaving, but went to the doctor once it started blistering and itching and burning and not healing. Of course immediately they prescribe drugs like valtrex, But I decided not to go that route because of the side affects and the fact that it doesn't really get rid of the virus. I typically never write in these kinds of forums. But I am glad I decided to educate myself on this crud. anyhow using lysol seems legit externally since it does kill the viruses, although I would kind of worry about it getting into the bloodstream, although it really isn't a significant amount. I'm willing to try anything to prevent the painful shit I experience with this blister. I also used aloe leaf and neosporin to help with the ooze and that seem to help significantly. I also think my stress level brought this about. so I am working on this as well. this forum has been helpful


I used the spray lysol.. i have HSV 1 and 2.. Lysol kills both.. I sprayed it on a Q tip and swabbed the spots where i had an outbreak.. it did sting but nothing like the pain the OB originally caused. Immediately it started to change and within 15 minutes, i had NO PAIN and it seemed to be drying out. I will do this again with no hesitation. Another thing that i noticed dried them out quicker was mixing witch hazel with baking soda and making a paste to put on the affected areas. As it dried out the area, it makes your underwear wet, so you might want to wear a pad of some kind or put a washcloth down there, and be at home when you do it. You can feel it, as it dries out the OB. I stopped using it because the stinging and throbbing and wetness became too much and that is when i tried lysol. All products are awesome in helping the OB dry out.


To the ones saying use people who cast spells on you, you sound like a bunch of psychos. You're obviously foreigners too judging by the way you're wording your posts, which explains a lot. This is America we don't use witch doctors, they'd like a REAL CURE NOT SOME PSYCHO BABBLE BULL**** ABOUT HOW SOME IDIOT CAST A SPELL ON YOU.

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