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Found I had both herpes years ago, it was a haunting experience I wanted to kill myself I ended friendships and relationships because of it, came on this site heard about lysine. I've been taking it religiously then I took it when I felt an outbreak was coming on. I've been through approx 4 bottles of 1000g pills... 3 years later I was tested again and was told my herpes test came back negative. Just wanted to share this blessing with you all

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How much did u take a day as a supressive therapy? I have a bottle which are 500mg each pill. What's the amount u should take on a daily basis and what's the anoint u should take when u feel an outbreak coming on?


Mara can you have more information?


Hi John, That really is a blessing! God is good!
Did u take the pills daily? & how much more did you take when you felt an outbreak coming?
I've recently been diagnosed & struggling to think how I will tell the next person I get into a relationship with about it, so if I could find a cure that would be amazing! Thanks S


I recently found out I have the herpes virus. Can anyone help with treatments or cures?


Best wishes to all as we navigate hsv1&2.
Can be 'please' be clear there is NO cure for Herpes. Some blood tests will not indicate a positive result but that does Not mean one does not have herpes.

I wish there was a cure; heck thousands wish there were a cure.

So, not trying to be negative but there are enough ppl out there pretending not to have an STD that are adversely affecting others.

Let's not be a contributor to this challenge. Wishing for a cure 2


I've been meaning to get back to this post, so I take the 1000 mg everyday, when I feel a outbrrak I may take up to 3. Idk if its the pills that help or my faith in god, I've submitted many prayer requests to heal me of this, I stopped having sex and I'm more protective when I do and of others. If I feel I came in contact with someone who can possibly give it back to me I take two pills. I haven't been taking the pills at all, only to be safe after having sex even if that person doesn't have an outbreak.

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