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Hi all,
I am not a doctor so expect no explaining for it.
This is the end of the agony inflicted by CHIGGARS.No more suffering for 5 days.

And it is one of the few free things in life.Meet your old friend the SUGAR CUBE.

You lick the cube once and rub it on the emerging spot for about 30 seconds.
And that is it. Forget about it.

Too simple to be true?

I tell you exactly what I do.
I have sugar cubes in my car (for when I walk the with the dog and/or my wife)
I have sugar cubes near my bed, in the lounge, practically everywhere.
I do consider it very important to apply the sugar as soon as possible.
Do not put too much saliva on the cube. One lick.
No need to rub (literally) for more than 30 seconds.I use to turn the cube slightly left and right.
Wipe away the remaining sugar granules with your dry fingers. I do not want them in my bed.

Yes I have been tormented by the invisible biters. I only recently found out that it is not a bite.
I read about that on Wikipedia.

Cost you nothing and is harmless.
Basically the compressed sugar granules act like sponge(osmose) as soon you moisten it a little bit.

One last thing.
The SUGAR CUBE application I use for the Chiggars has the same result for
(and I apply it since at least 50 years)
mosquito bites
ant bites including the jack jumper(I am living in Australia)
bee and wasp stings
spider bites

I have not been bitten by a snake (yet)so I cannot give you an opinion there.

I do repeat time is of importance. I have been doing it more than 30 minutes after the swelling and it is still of some effect .

Last thing.Prevention of course is key. Do no roll in the hay!!


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