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I will try yo keeo this short and sweet..I am un need if help or suggestions. Ive had H for about 12 yrs most have said..the worst OB is the first..after OB were very few far and btwn..I wld take acyclovir before my periods if i felt the tingling but my actual ob were not often at all..just the itch and tingle which i am very thankfuk for. Ive always had an ob in the same side of my labia since i was diagnosed..NOW 12yrs more vaginal ob..they are anal ob now and im not really sure how to properly care for it in this location without reinfecting a ob in the same region especially when using the rr..keeping it clean so it doesn't spread. HELP! I didnt even notice it was ob's for a while..i thought maybe my panties were irritatung me until i took the mirror to get a good look. Seems like as soon as one heals i will have another..and the urge to itch is pretty intense but i dont. Ive been doubling up on my meds. Anyone else with anal ob's? Tips ..tricks or suggestions. Thank u all so much:) its stressing me out bad..its like being newlt diagnosed all over again..with it being in a diff location. Help plz

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Try to use Olive oil twice a day. Italian. You will be happy with the result.


The miracle cure for me was neem capsules and neem aura cream that I ordered from vita cost online . This cream is only 11.00 and it has cured my break out just using the neem cream alone will stop the break outs but the neem vitamins just makes it even better . That cream stops the breakouts itching and every thing and I have not had a break out since. Just put it on the site of infection and you will be breakout free it makes your whole body feel pain free when you use it I love it just look up neem for herpes and read about it I did and I'm glad I did cause it has did wonders for me.


Try licorice root!

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