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Spicer Girl

I have a broken top molar with severe nerve pain affecting the trigeminal nerve, or the main nerve of the face - the pain radiates from the tooth back to the ear and down to my bottom teeth on the same side, almost to the point that you cannot tell which tooth is causing the pain. I tried painkillers, Anbesol, Orajel, mouth spray (this sent it on fire) and the results were mediocre at best. I found this site last night and even though I though it sounds crazy, I applied Vicks Vapor Rub to my face all along the nerve pathway and rubbed it in thoroughly. Unbelievable! It felt so good and calmed the nerve totally. I slept wonderfully and 17 hours later I am still pain free. If you have this sort of pain I recommend you try it - worked for me!

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Pure genius..I listened to my girl cry and whine in the must extreme whine ass way for 17 hours..I tried everything on these pages..nothing worked besides this..thank u so much..finally peace and quiet


I'm not sure who you are but I love you! I have been dealing with a broken molar for a while now and the past week has been on and off pain... the last two days have been a living hell. The pain was shooting from my tooth, up into my eye and over to my ear. I put the chest rub on my face like you said but went from tooth to temple and it feels soooo much better. Two tubes or Orajel did nothing for me. I'm heading of to sleep thanks to you! My new favorite person!


Thank you you are a genius. The Vicks rub works great


Spice Girl, you are truely an angel to have posted this. It relived the pain tremendously! At least now I have my Man back and not the wimpy winer. He's such a better patient! Thanks!


This totally worked! Thank you sooo much


Yes this totally works now I can get some sleep thank you thank you


thank you it works


OMG this was a lifesaver!!!! I literally have the exact same story as you. Top molar has exposed nerve. I have been awake for almost 39 hours and the pain was so bad that I couldn't sleep. All I could do was cry. I literally tried 24 different home remedies and this was number 25!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for this post.


So your saying if I put Vicks in my face the pain will dull?


Thankyou so much after trying everything I could think of Even after my husband took 2 oxycodones his pain was still unbarible I read your post about the Vicks and tried it now he is no longer hurting

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