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I h ave fungus in my toe nails for a few years. I saw a dermatologist and she said there was a pill for that but could cause liver damage which at that point I said I would live with the fungus which I really do not like at all. I went to the woman who does my pedicure and she cut my nails very short, cleaned out the fungus that was between my nails and skin and gave me a product. She said to use it twice a day every day and it takes a while for it to clear up. I finished the bottle which was very small but decided not to purchase it again . So I decided to check out the home remedies and I decided to use the one part of white vinegar with two parts of warm water and I am beginning to see a little more of a difference, though there was a slight difference with the bottle for the pedicurist. I have a strong feeling with patience and devotion of using this mixture it will get rid of it completely. I think no matter what treatment we all go with it takes a few months to really see it clear up completely. I will get back to you in a few weeks to give you an update on my choice of vinegar (white) and warm water. Good luck to you all with your choices.

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