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Being the parent of 4 kids, we've had a few cases of lice. The first one sent us into a panic - especially after we went out and bought Nix, and used it with zero success. Seriously - don't even waste your time with that stuff.

So here is what we use now (after my first son to get lice served as a human guinea pig and suffered through all sorts of home remedies found on the web with little success) - this works like a charm for us every time:

Old school Listerine (yep - the yellow kind). Soak hair with it (use a lot - Listerine is cheap!) and then put on a swim cap. I've seen folks say to use a shower cap, but the swim caps work much better - they're tighter, and really lock the stuff in. If you've ever had a kid on a swim team, I'm sure you have at least one laying around the house - and if not, they're cheap and relatively easy to find.

We leave it on for about 3-4 hours (shorter time may work, but why chance it - right?). The first time we did it, we actually had our son wear it overnight. Kills every bug every time. We repeat after a week to be sure , but I've never seen a single bug after the first treatment.

Besides having a little of that medicine-y smell, their hair comes out just fine.

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Did it get rid of the nits as well or did you have to use the nit comb??

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