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Paul S.

I have read apple cider vinegar was the best thing to get rid of anal warts. I tried it with the cotton swab and my god, that is painful. I have tried acv, tea tree oil and many other products to try and get rid of them. The apple cider vinegar was so painful I had to try and figure something out. I mixed it with baking soda and a drop of tea tree oil and I swear to you, it worked. I have dealt with these stubborn anal warts for months now and after using the baking soda, acv and tea tree oil I am nearly completely rid of them. This method is about a 2 to 4 on the pain scale on comparison to the 7 to 9 I felt from the acv and cotton ball. I spread the paste on and left it on for about an hour 2 to 3 times a day and they all reduced and gradually disappeared in about 2 to 3 weeks. I'm still dealing with a couple very small ones but I'm confident these are nearly gone as well. I recommend trying this much less painful way. I'm extremely glad I did. I had to post.

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RC Cola

Hello. I am about to start this regimen on some new anal warts and am very curious about the exact amounts of ACV, baking soda and Tea tree oil that should be mixed together. Does the ACV+baking soda+ tea tree oil form a paste, or a gel or some kind of a oatmeal kind of texture?

thanks very much in advance!!


Do you stick it inside your anus for the internal warts?

RC Cola

Thanks guys. Appreciate the info and support. I'm on day 2 of this regimen and don't really notice too much of a difference. The warts do , however. look more pronounced and 'whiter'. But I think this is what is supposed to happen initially. There is not too much pain so will leave cotton balls in place longer.


Brother Paul,

I had used your mixture....

Its not so burning sensation...
but I feel rough after the application and after the washing of my anus...

Do you feel the same, brother?

I wash my anus using disposable 10cc, injected just only water...

I also eating garlic 2-3 times a day...

I'm so depressed, coz there's still any transparant discharge from my anus if I defecated....

Hopefully your mixture will help my cureness....

RC Cola

Thanks Paul S and Rico. I am on day 3 of the treatment and so far I haven't noticed much change, although the warts seem to be more pronounced and 'whiter' in color. I think this may be the expected initial reaction. I will probably increase the ACV and reduce the baking soda as I haven't really experienced much pain at all, so I am probably diluting the mixture too much with the baking soda.

RC Cola

Response to 'anonymously':

Luckily, my anal warts are all external (phew). For internal warts, it sounds like applying any amount of ACV internally will sting like hell. You will probably need to see a doctor for this. Good luck


This is my third day of this regimen...
I tought my wart become bigger than before and whiter than before..
But theres no bleeding from the wart...

Do you feel the same guys?


Theres bleeding after the application of the mixture....

The wart become bigger than before...

Shall I go to the dermatologist?

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