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Paul S.

I have read apple cider vinegar was the best thing to get rid of anal warts. I tried it with the cotton swab and my god, that is painful. I have tried acv, tea tree oil and many other products to try and get rid of them. The apple cider vinegar was so painful I had to try and figure something out. I mixed it with baking soda and a drop of tea tree oil and I swear to you, it worked. I have dealt with these stubborn anal warts for months now and after using the baking soda, acv and tea tree oil I am nearly completely rid of them. This method is about a 2 to 4 on the pain scale on comparison to the 7 to 9 I felt from the acv and cotton ball. I spread the paste on and left it on for about an hour 2 to 3 times a day and they all reduced and gradually disappeared in about 2 to 3 weeks. I'm still dealing with a couple very small ones but I'm confident these are nearly gone as well. I recommend trying this much less painful way. I'm extremely glad I did. I had to post.

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how many times a week to use this ACV?
i read from other testimonial its very hurt... >_<

I read that baking soda naturalized the ACV effect.
Do you think put the baking soda still have any effectiveness for the ACV?

Thanks brother...


how long do you treat with ACV, backing soda and tea tree oil to make the wart dissapear? thanks a lot...

Paul S.

It worked for me( the original poster) they went away in less than a month when I started using about a tablespoon baking soda, about a teaspoon acv and just a drop or 2 of tea tree oil. The consistency is a paste. It will be egg white In color and when you let it sit, it will change into a slightly brown color. I made a new batch every few days and while I was at home, I spread the paste on the area for 1-3 30-40 minute sessions and rinsed and dried the area after. If the area bled light afterwards, I would leave a tissue to keep the area dry over night. It should be easy to spread and it may sting lightly depending on cuts and sores. I had about a dozen warts. Several were smaller white ones and a few were the ones you could really feel. I have one left that is going away. It's decreasing in size.


I had put the ACV mix with water and Tea tree oil...
and put on cotton ball...

O my God, its so burning sensation...
how it could be if I dont mix the water...

I put for 2.5 hours...

Do you put the paste just for 40 minutes?
just once a day?

how to clean up the paste from the anus?

I tought that there few wart inside my anal and also around of my perianal...

thanks for sharing...

keep in posting, brother...
so we can share each other...

by the way, I have some small wart around my penis, but without any complaint... I put pure TTO and it help to reduce it...

its my second day to put TTO to my penis...

Paul S.

Put it on and shower from what you can take. Yours may have been a little more severe than mine. Mine didn't burn heavily from the mixture, only slightly. Try 1 time a day for thirty minutes, shower it off and put tissue paper between your cheeks to keep the area dry for the rest of the day. I'm no doctor but I hope that helps.


Brother Paul,

I havent mix your recipe yet..
I thought there is only few of little wart inside my anus..

Do you have any discharge because of the wart?
I have discharge and burning sensation before the treatment..
But i still have any burning sensation when I sit...

If i eat any meat or fish theres itchy inside my anus... Do you feel the same?

RC Cola

Hello. I am about to start this regimen on some new anal warts and am very curious about the exact amounts of ACV, baking soda and Tea tree oil that should be mixed together. Does the ACV+baking soda+ tea tree oil form a paste, or a gel or some kind of a oatmeal kind of texture?

thanks very much in advance!!


Hi RC...
Relaps of anal warts?

I havent mix the paste yet...

If you just use acv and tto and a few of water it will be sting so much..
But the baking soda slightly neutralize the acv...

Paul S.

I don't have an exact measurement of how much of each substance I use bud. I make it in a shot glass. I put 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil to start, then I put about a table spoon of baking soda and I pour acv barely in and stir. It makes a slightly runny paste. It definitely won't feel like a gel or anything. I keep it covered with foil in a cabinet where no light gets through.

Just me

you guys sound like you have std's you should get checked out

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