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I have been suffering from increasingly frequent toothaches in multiple teeth for about 6 months now. This has been my experience with home remedies:

The first night I had agonizing pain that painkillers would not help, I did some research and tried all the methods that I had supplies for.

I cut up garlic and ground it into a paste, then blended in some vanilla extract. I applied this to the the cavity area and presto pain was gone in a few minutes. This is after taking about 12 ibuprofen in 8 or 9 hours with no relief.

I looked into tooth and gum health and came across oil pulling with coconut oil. The next time I had a toothache I tried coconut pull. To my surprise it actually worked bringing my 7/10 pain to about a 2/10. I started oil pulling as part of my daily routine and for weeks I had no pain.

Then, a few days ago I started getting the old familiar pain. Oil pulling brought it down to a 3 or a 4 and it went away with pain killers after that. But the last 2 nights oil pulling has brought it down to a 3 or a 4 but painkillers have been ineffective and the pain returns again in less than an hour. Last night I resorted to garlic again and it worked for about an hour or two. I had to apply garlic again to get to sleep.

This morning, throbbing pain. Oil pull brought it down to about a 2 but I had a flare up about 20 minutes ago which left me huddling in the corner trying to put my mind over matter. After the pain subsided I came to this site to look for help and to report my experience.

Later my girlfriend will bring me my vanilla extract and I will try that again. The first time I tried it I thought it was the garlic that did the trick not the vanilla since that sounded suspect to me, so I will try the vanilla alone.

Soon I want to try clove, onion, vodka, and the other remedies. I have also heard that making an aspirin paste and shoving it in the cavity works.

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Jaw bone

Well what found to work for my daughter inlaw is Oreo cookies. She ennjoyed them so much got full after dipping, and it made her sleepy and she stopped talking about her pain, after ibrophren, biting on onions, asipirin paste, advil, gargaling with peroxide cide. Just think Oreos and milk. And whatever I heard her and her husband in there doing, something about sucking working her jaws, he said she was in there sleep.

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