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I was having horrendous pain and have tried dozens of things that haven't helped. What worked for me was a warm salt gargle, followed by creating a paste out of a couple drpps of water and equal parts salt, pepper and garlic powder. I coated the tooth with this, waited a couple minutes and then rinsed. After that, I took white bread at room temp and packed it all around the tooth. This keeps the tooth from becoming anymore irritated. Now I feel nothing, knock on wood. Before I did this the only relief I got was from pressing a q-tip into my ear and applying pressure to different parts of my ear canal, this would work as long as I kept holding the pressure. The only other thing that worked was leaning over until my head was completely upside down. This gave me instant relief but only lasted until I stood back up. Still, if you've been having pain for hours, a couple minute break in the pain can me amazing!

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