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I have a cracked tooth with the nerve exposed. I can't get in to see my dentist for a week. I found this forum and for me I've found the best combination is to swish my mouth out with hot salt water, then vodka. I ground a couple of cloves, some black peppercorns and salt together and mixed itinto a paste with a little vodka. I packed the hole with this paste, then soaked a little cotton wool in vodka and pressed it down to seal it up completely.
Now air can't get to the nerve, it's numb from the vodka, the spices are helping to calm the inflammation and the antibacterial properties are hopefully helping to avoid an infection. My pain has gone from an agonising 9 to a barely noticeable 1, which is easily combatted with ibuprofen.
Hope this combination helps someone else.

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omg...i had to comment to let you know that this is by far the best remedy. i was in so much pain, thought i was going to faint. i tried this and within min, my pain went down from a 10 to a 2...god bless you for sharing and i hope it helps someone else as it helped me :)


I can't stress enough how helpful this was. If you're reading these comments and the pain is so bad you can hardly focus on the screen, you need to do this remedy. I had everything poured/mixed/prepared before trying it, so the process went fast and the relief was immediate. Thank you so much.


hi i cant get vodka in my area is there any substitute for that. pls help


But how do you eat after applying this paste and covering it up with the cotton wool swab

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