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I have been suffering with BV for about 4 years now, and I have finally found what works for me. Warm lemon water, every morning and night. Now if you're like me, you have googled countless websites and have read tons of threads of the success people have had with curing their BV. However, EVERYTHING I tried was temporary. Tea tree oil, ACV, HP, Vit C, yogurt, etc. I felt hopeless, but that has all changed.

With some research on the benefits lemon has on your body I decided to try it out, along with clean eating and working out. The lemon is supposed to balance the PH levels throughout your body. Even if this didn't cure the BV, I liked what drinking lemon water could do for my health overall. So I gave it a try.

After a week of drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning and before bed, the BV is gone. I haven't felt this clean in YEARS. Ive been checking 'my area' multiple times a day, feeling like it's too good to be true. IT'S NOT! It's amazing how this simple act can be so effective and helpful in my life.

I really thought BV was apart of me forever, but with this new daily routine, I am free and its feels GOOD! I know very well how depressing dealing with BV can be, and this weight that's lifted off of my shoulders has made me feel like a new person. My confidence has had a spike, and I'm ecstatic.

I told myself I would write a post if I ever found something that truly worked for me because I want to be able to help others who understand the pain of dealing with this infection. So please, give it a try. It can't hurt. Take a cup of warm water, squeeze juice from half a lemon and drink first thing in the morning, and at night. I hope this really helps someone out, keep the faith!

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Do you use real lemons


True this works


I am 19 and was diagnosed with bv about three months ago after months and months of not going to the doctor as I'm terrified of doctors. I have gone two rounds of metronidazole and I still have burning, slight smell and discharge. It makes it a little better but then I'm back to point A. I will definitely be trying this and I hope and pray it works. I just want to have a normal vag again.


I'm gonna try this myself.... Been suffering with bv for years and damn years..... I want my vagina back and wanna get laid soon....What a sadly horrible infection bv is! Hope this works please God!!!


I too have noticed a difference whenever I set myself up with a large container of water (from 25 to 60 oz) with lemons and drink throughout the day. I prepare it the night before so the lemon juice will infuse the water. Depending on the amount of water I use anywhere from 1/2 to 1 whole lemon. I also add mint leaves and cucumbers (although I don't think they do much but add flavor). It's refreshing and helpful. I found a large water jug from Walmart (approx 1/2 gallon) for about $2. Get a water filter and just use from the tap. I average about a half gallon of water a day this way which too helps to flush out your system. Hope this helps!


Thank you.. I tried the lemon water last night and this morning and I just want to tell you I feel it working.. The discharged has decreased and so has the ordor.. I've suffered from bv for years and I actually went this past year without any flare ups until 2 wks ago. . I dreaded having to make an apptment with my doctor. . I started researching and hoped it will go away on its own and I came across this blog.. I pray this cures me because I'm tired of being insecure about my vagina.. She's supposed to be my bff and I want to keep her healthy.. 😊😊


Please let me know if it has to be warm water with lemon, or can you put a lemon in ice water and drink it instead? I want to get rid of this BV naturally. Thanks!



Water with freshly squeezed lemon has worked for me. Please try it. I was at my wits ref and could not Bare the thought of swallowing another handful of flatly. I tried this... A glass in the morning in an empty stomach and again in the day. It has worked wonders. No discharge and no odour. This is my daily routine now.


I just read this and I'm gonna try it I'm tired of these antibiotics so I hope it works


I just started doing this and I’ve had bv for years and I’m easy to go back to my normal confident self! Prayers this is it!

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