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I've only had this for a week and it's absolutely horrible. It hurts to walk and sit. Every time I pee I cry and have to shove a wash cloth in my mouth to keep from screaming. I just ordered the surivon which I hope helps because the pain right now is unbearable. Does anyone have any tips other than the surivon cream to help speed up the healing process or at least help the pain some what?

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Apply honey to the soar when you feel an itch or pain. I use local honey, store bought honey will probably be just as good. Taking lysine helps the skin to heal faster too. You can look more into that information too.


The initial outbreak is by far the worst, but it will get better with time. I remember trying to allow air and sun to the effected area because of reading that helped. I know it didn't hurt to do so. If I remember cold compresses may also help. Not sure about topical creams. I hope the initial outbreak passes soon for you. They should become less frequent and severe over time. Just remember to be upfront with any future sexual partner and outbreaks are more likely to occur with high stress and low immunity. Good luck!


Use a water bottle to squirt water on yourself before during and after peeing it really helps. I also got a lidocaine ointment that made a world of a difference from my doctor. My first out break is almost cleared. It was horrible. I've had it since Saturday a week and a half ago. Good luck.


This treatment isn't for everyone... But I use Epsom salt. It hurts so badly when you apply it with a little water. You will want to scream and rinse it off... But wait as long as you can stand. Do this a few times a day... It dries the sores up and lets them heal. Cuts your recovery time in half.


Please do be aware that there are no cures to permanently remove herpes. You will always have it. Stick with the Surivon. It's the best I've come across.

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