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Grateful Kat

I had went to the denist today to have the tooth in question extracted but I got sick during the sedation and ended up in ER( I was having others surgically extracted). Still being somewhat sedated the pain came back with a vengenance. I tried tylenol and IB profen. Brushed my teeth and rinsed with oragel, peroxide and mouth wash that usually worked to no avail. So sitting still groggy from the sedation and unable to sleep I started looking for a new remedy. What worked is migraine medicine. It was generic Excedrin. I put one pill on the tooth and let it disolve and then did a second. Pain is gone. Little preassure but I am finally off to sleep!

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Thank you!!! Horrendous tooth pain all day, starting at 6 am on a Saturday (bad untreated cavity, I need a root canal). Of course there are no dentists open, and im crying its so bad. Read your comment and happened to have some excedrin. placed one pill on the tooth, let it dissolve for 2 minutes, and the pain is almost completely gone. THANK YOU!!!

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