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I have suffered from bacteria vaginosis and yeast infections since August of 2014. I have tried everything. I was seen by 4 different gynecologist and none of them know what keeps causing me to get these infections. Obviously when this happens your PH balance is out of wack but we have no idea what caused it. I exercise 4 days out of the week and rinse off after and eat healthy and am a clean person. I have tried their creams they prescribed me, it would take care of it for the 7 days I was on it and within a week of me being off it I had another infection. Their antibiotic pill did the same thing and they made me so sick. I started doing research and came across this page and decided to give ESSENTIAL OILS a try and I am so THANKFUL I did!! What I did was take coconut oil and put it on spoon and pushed it all off to one side forming into a suppository shape. I would add 4 drops of Young Living Melaleuca Alterifornia (Tea Tree) Oil on it and freeze it. At bedtime I would push it up inside of me and I did that every night for a week! It took care of the problem!! Because my ph was out a wack I ended up getting to the point where I would get an infection right before my period no matter what. December I started drinking Young Living Lemon Essential Oil in my water every day. I would add 2 drops to it and I am happy to report that I am now over 1 month free of any infection!!! The ESSENTIAL OILS WORKED!! They are 100% pure therapeutic grade and they are made to bring your body back to homeostasis! I'm tellling you I have tried everything and this is the only thing that has fixed the problem for me. I also take a high probiotic, vitamin d, a multivitam, and garlic and have been on it for 3 months but it wasn't until I added the lemon to my water that I have been infection free. I would not recommend any brand other then Young Living to use for essential oils as theirs are the purest. I became a member of young living because this helped me! If you want to give this a try email me at and I would love to get you back to being healthy and infection free!!

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