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i have toenail fungus for 2 years now and have been putting on a fungoid tincture constantly, with no improvement. this was given to me by my foot doctor. now with research, i have started the treatment of vicks all day and night ( with a white cotton sock on) in between treatments of apple cider vinegar, bleach and water and peroxide. i just take turns with all of them. i am very determined to get rid of this ulgy thing in my big toe. if you can dedicate yourself to these treatments, then i thnk they will work for you. prescriptions are not good for you and cause damage to your body. the thing to do is never let your toe breathe, keep it covered with vicks, and the fungus will die. i clean it in the shower, dry it and then clean it with either peroxide, bleach or apple cider vinegar. then i let it dry and then put on the vicks. it is already a few days and i am starting to see improvement in the nail.

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Great ideas for this fungus. is it too
late if my nail is blackened. Can I
still try Listerene or Tea Tree oil?
Thanks bruce

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