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Jessica V.

I know it sounds crazy but..MUSTARD works great.I work at a diner in the kitchen and i havent quite mastered the grill yet, the first time i burned myself my boss told my to put mustard on it..i immediatly stopped the pain and it never blistered up..u cant tell i ever did it.

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Jake in Los Angeles

Plain yellow mustard is great, but ONLY for grease burns, not other types of burns. I've been a chef for 15 years and plain yellow mustard is the only thing I use on grease burns and have my employees use on their burns as well. If you can, gently dab the grease off the burn, then apply a thick layer of the mustard. Do not rub it in, just let it dry. Once it dries you can rinse in tepid water to remove. This should help your grease burn considerably.


B.S!!!! doesnt work at all on ANY type of burn!!! DONT LISTEN!!!


Wow, read every page of burn remedies and I had classic frenchs yellow mustard in the fridge. Applied a layer and it immediately stopped burning. My burn was a result of coffee grounds and scalding hot water all over my hand and up my arm. It blistered in 4 diff places. Mustard worked wonders!


I used Dijon mustard as that's all that was handy, thank goodness I read your post and tried it. The pain was unbearable but now bearable. I had made homemade sugar wax and accidently splashed it onto my hand while pouring it into a container. Tried every other remedy to no avail.


Used dijon mustard on small 2nd degree burns on my fingers instant relief! I was very sceptical at first but I had nothing else. Next time I burn myself cool water and vingear to cool it down then mustard. Works very well

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