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Jessica V.

I know it sounds crazy but..MUSTARD works great.I work at a diner in the kitchen and i havent quite mastered the grill yet, the first time i burned myself my boss told my to put mustard on it..i immediatly stopped the pain and it never blistered up..u cant tell i ever did it.

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Mustard works well. Got a burn from a saucepan on the stove, we put mustard on it and it relieved the pain and prevented blistering. I was skeptical about using it at first but I will continue to use it as a great replacement from burn ointment.


Mustard does work! I burnt my finger on a hot pot. My husband said to put mustard on I did. I let it sit for 3-4 mins then rinsed it off. It didn't blister at all! No scarring either. :) Try it!


works great.


Good old fashioned Yellow Mustard is the key. We keep it at my office (not a kitchen or diner) just for this! However, spicy mustard isn't as effective!!


i thought this wouldnt work but i did it before cuz i burnt myself and the pain is already gone and im hoping that it wont blister :S


mustard works the best


worked great almost immediately. Thanks for the wonderful advice!


works great had a really bad burn and is not burning now thanx


I burnt my finger on the oven taking cookies out. I only have honey mustard, thought I would try it since honey and mustard are both listed on the website as helping... and it doesnt work. It felt good at first, probably because it was cold from being in the fridge. It's been about 5 minutes and it hurts like crazy!!


Must say... ITS WORKS!!! I just burnt my finger making fudge (the skin blistered instantly!) I googled home remedies for burns and found this post on mustard - Im literally typing with mustard on my finger... and I have no pain! BRILLIANT!!!

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