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After many months passing by and living with what I believed to be genital warts I finally began researching a way to try and get rid of them with a home remedy. I knew I could've booked an appointment with my doctor but was honestly embarassed. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that way.
After stumbling upon acv (Apple cider vinegar) I had to give it a try. Especially with all the great results people seemed to be having. I was quite skeptical at first and was praying it would work.

I went out and bought some organic acv from the local grocery store and began applying it to the base of my penis where I had about 2 very noticeable ones about half the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil and about 3 very little ones I could barely notice. I applied the acv with a cotton ball and noticed a very slight tingle. Nothing painful. They began to raise in about 5 minutes and became very pink. Right there from all the reading I had done I knew these were in fact genital warts. I grabbed a cotton ball and soaked it and taped it to the are wrapping it right around my penis with self adhesive bandage(only sticks to the bandage not the skin). Great product! I left it on for about 6 hours during the day and would not re apply at night time. I didn't feel like over doing it right away. Acv can burn your skin very easily. After the first application the warts hadn't changed color yet really. Couple small ones were white but no change really. Next day I did yet same routine and when I took it off that night a couple had turned color. Not black but you could see change. I repeated this process for another 2-3 days and by that time they were all black. I was so excited but I had also burnt my skin. I wasn't too worried about that cause I knew that would heal in time. I gave the acv routine a rest and let the warts that's had turned black have time to dry out and turn into scabs. 2-3 days after discontinuing this routine they did in fact turn into scabs. I was so tempted to pick them off but didn't want them to bleed and have a chance to spread. BE PATIENT. Let them have time to heal and come off almost naturally

This situation is relatively new to me. I just finshed my treatment so I can't confirm the warts won't come back. But I can confirm that acv truly works. The warts are gone and I couldn't be happier!! Give it a try. Nothing else to lose, right?

Good luck everyone. I hope it works for you guys like it has for me . I know what you are all going through. For me these warts were extremely depressing

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Hi i recently come across a genetic warts problem what must i buy for home remedy to try nd remove this thing im so terrifyd

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