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Go to the store and buy AZO Standard, I just took some about 30 minutes ago and it is already working and i was spending a lot of time in the bathroom, because I felt like i had to pee so bad.

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Yes, AZO does relieve the pain. BUT -- Azo is not an antibiotic. Please do not make the mistake I did and assume you have taken care of the problem. Get Azo to mild pain, go to DOCTOR. UROLOGIST if you get them regularly!


Are AZO tabs the little brown pills that make your pee turn the colour of Kool-Aid


Yep those are the ones.


I also made the mistake of thinking AZO would cure my UTI...until I ended up in the emergency room with a double kidney infection and huge bill...AZO only covers the pain until you see a dr. or use natural remedies

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