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Wanna lose weight? Not into excercise? Take Apple Cider Vinegar pills, In the first month of taking it I lost 20 pounds! Just take one a day or one with each meal or whatever your want. Not only do you lose weight but it keeps a healthy immune system. Don't take more than 6 a day though. Follow the directions on the bottle to easy weightloss

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This sounds like an ad. By the way, you have to excercise in order to lose weight effectively. Even the smallest movement like walking for 30 minutes a day helps. But, what you are describing is called a 'fad diet' and often, when wanting to get off of it, you might gain back more than you lost...


My friend did this.
I think she got moderate results.


i heard that when you drink appel cinder vineger and add water is good also , for weight loss.

well of course exercise and a good diet is the key to succes..

good luck


i might try it to jump start my diet,

the appel cinder and water sounds good

its cheap too..


today I went to the grocery store and bought me the ACV bottle I'm gonna start taking it tomorrow morning with a glass of water. Today I weight 137 pounds I'll comment back in about a month & let you now if this stuff really works..wish me luck!!!


Wow I might do this to jump start my diet also. I wonder if Walmart brand is good.

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