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Drink cranberry juice,maybe a cup or two, I swear by this, I have really bad kidney pains and I drink some cranberry juice and it goes away instantly

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Dr Don (Holliday Inn Express Degree)

This works if it's a mild infection. If the symptoms persist over 3-4 Days You need to go to the Doctor!


This only helps if the juice is pure, no sugar added, cranberry juice. I have found that cranberry extract pills, taken with lemon water works great. 2 pills, 3x a day. The key to the lemon water is drinking lots of it. Also, do not add sugar to it. I put about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water, and drink about 8-10 glasses a day.


I very much doubt that one or two cups of cranberry juice would get rid of very bad kidney pains. I have bad kidney pains at the moment and have been in agony for two days. I have been driking cranberry juice non stop for the whole time and it's done sweet F A! So this must only work for a select few.


I have had three kidney infections in the last year one very severe. I drink the cranberry juice pure form only and still ended up in the hospital. I think it works for mild cases only. Always good for you to drink it though.


oops sorry I meant to say 3 in the last 2 years


ive been in the hosbital twiec for kidney infections and uranary tarck infections and yes bladder infections. the funny thing is the happen all at once.ive been drinking cranberry juice like its goin out of style so, what else is there to do?


this better work. i had the most severe pain in my life last night due to what my family and i beleive is a kidney infection. if this doesnt im going to cut my damn kidneys out.


I suffered from really bad back pains and urinating more than usual. So bought the real cranberry juice (no sugar) and the stongest echinacea (400mgs) and with in 1 hour I sarted to feel the pain lessen. So will keep this up for about a week.


i woke up one morning with the worst pain ive ever felt. Could barley walk it hurt so bad. Went into work and could stand it so i went directly to the hospital. I have a sever infection through out my bladder, kidneys, and a uti. They gave me morphine and antibiotics. Ive been drinking lots of crandberry juice and it still hurts but noot as bad. The infection still isnt gone and i was drinking 32oz of crandberry juice a day.It helped but not completely.

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