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I recently got a uti infection and didn't have health insurance. I looked around and found a site that recommended tea tree oil, which I use as a natural antibiotic and have great luck with so I tried it. I applied it directly to the area twice a day for three days with a cotton ball. It instantly gave relief for the pain and after three days the symptoms disappeared. I also took cranberry pills, don't bother with juice, the pills are much easier to do and more effective (most 'cranberry juice' is actually mostly grape juice anyway). I also drank a lot of water and once a day took a glass with baking soda in it.

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I hate to break it to you, but tea tree oil isn't an antibiotic. It's a antimicrobial. If you take tea tree oil orally, it is poisonous to your body. It is used to treat athletes foot!

So I hope you read this and do some research on tea tree oil before you continue on using it to treat your UTI.

You need to stop using it to treat your UTI!

In deepest concern, Nicole


Yes, it is an antimicrobial. Do you know what the definition of a microbe is?

It is safe to ingest in small quantities. It can be used for athlete's foot, yes, but it is beneficial to use for a variety of ailments.

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