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It appears that RLS is related to or affected by body acidity. We take 4-5 roll-aids and it usually takes care of it. Sometimes have to repeat. Also it is helpful to get up and walk around the house some.

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As f'or me, I know from experience the Roll-Aids won't have any effect on the RLS. I have had RLS since I was a small child (now 63 yrs old), but also suffer from acid reflux, which I take the Roll-Aids for. They don't help the RLS, not even a little bit. Have to take the Requip for that. But I'm at the max dose for that, and so am now searching for a home remedy. I will definitely be keeping this web site as it is the only one I've found that has some actual helps listed, although there are some that are a bit ridiculous too. Such as the masterbating and sex hints. Believe me, sex does not help at all. At least not for me.

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