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I would like to thank everyone who has submitted home remedies because this blog has been a life saver. I have suffered from recurring bacterial vaginosis for a few years now and my Dr only prescribes an antibiotic. I have even asked on several occasions what the cause of this issue is because I am a very clean woman. I have never been given a clear answer of how to prevent it from coming back. I had really bad symptoms this past weekend, bad smell, discharge, itching, and a little burning from the irritation. I debated on going to the ER but decided to do a little research because I really wanted to avoid that antibiotic yeast infection. Per this blog, I tried the vitamin c tablet inserted in the vagina and after just the first use my discharge was all but gone and the itching and burning was completely gone. THANK GOD!!!!! I usually consistently have the weird smell, which I always thought it was from me being a bit on the plus size and sweating sometimes. However, after using the vitamin c tablets I have no smell. I definitely plan on completing the 5 days of vitamin c tablet use and then will follow up with a dose of RepHresh to restore the natural flora.

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Hi im Tracy in South africa, after reading on ur testimony i ran to dischem and grabed a bottle of vitamin c 500mg tablets,with no colourants and no flavourants,as soon as i got home i inserted one table in the afternoon and after two hour i was completly odorless and even had good munchi time with hubby!! i couldnt believe how fast it worked!!! i was amazed yet thankfull, i dont do anything elese just insert one tab at night,its been day 4 of good anti BV life and good sex too!! and im surpriced there is no disharge too?? nothing! nada!im soo happy!! thank you!!


what type of vitamin c do you buy?
Just regular vitamins?


s what kind of Vitamin C did you buy?


I'm considering trying this remedy. Tracy which tablets did you get from Dischem

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