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Drink a glass of prune juice to aid bowel movement.

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Re prune juice for constipation..
It does have a laxative effect but in my humble opinion it is not really good for the colon long term as it is considered 'astringent' and hence is drying..
The colon actually needs real prunes and oily foods for lubrication..
Stay away from anything bitter ..pungent ..or astringent.
Rhubarb is more beneficial for the colon..or even real prunes rehydrated but not juiced.. and yoghurt which is low fat but not NO fat..
And mono unsaturated oils such as olive and canola..

Hal Olsen

Prune juice works very well for me when taken on an 'as needed' basis.It's a natural product and I much prefer it to OTC laxitaves or even Magnesium citrate which is very harsh.

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