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Crush the wart. Your body will fight them off once the infection is detected by the cells that fight infections. Cruching the wart releases some of its virus into the blood stream and the body will release cells to kill off the virus.
A vet told me this as a remedy to foot warts on the dairy herd. I tried it on my own wart. I don't have any now.

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Crush the wart? How do you mean?


With steralized Plyers or tweezers....I know how it sounds but it really works.


It's interesting to read this. I've never heard of anyone else crushing warts, but years ago I had a very bad case of warts on my hands for years and I accidentally got one caught in a vise grip. The warts started itching shortly thereafter, indicating a histamine reaction, and they all (20 total) fell off in a couple of weeks.

I was amazed about this, and surprised no-one had ever told me about this before, but just today I discovered that this is a commonly accepted practice for cows and dogs. I've got one more and I'm going to talk to my dermatologist about crushing it under anasthesia.


Crushing the wart is a hit or miss treatment. I've crushed them and also ripped them off- neither method worked- they always healed and came back.

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