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Hi Ladies!

I have suffered from BV on and off since high school (first time I got it was in high school). I remember getting prescribed the metroziondale antibiotic (the huge nasty pill that tastes like sh*t)

Then I went to college... Didn't experience it too much until my junior/senior year. I was prescribed the metroziondale (either the gel or pill) everytime results came back positive for BV. I had UTIs and a couple of yeast infections sprinkled in between --- one time I had a yeast, BV, and a uti all at once ----- not fun.

So rule of thumb! Always. Always pee before and after sex. I get its not the sexiest thing to do is get up immediately after sex but it's better then dealing with the uncomfortable itchiness of BV -- or any vaginal infection

I highly recommended buying UNSCENTED baby wipes. I literally use these periodically throughout the day at work --- after I pee/poop, and of course after sex --- followed by always showering before I go to bed !!! Ladies please buy UNSCENTED soap as well. I use dove UNSCENTED for sensitive skin. Never take soap and wash up there --- it stings! Just gently wash around the area.

I use a diff razor to shave my vagina -- and a different one to shave near my butt (loll).

GAME CHANGER ---> every morning I take 2 folic acids (200 mg each, so 400mg) followed by one acidophilus pill --- I take the Nature Made brand that you can buy at CVS (doesn't really matter) --- and then I repeat this remedy at night.

Make sure you take your birth control at the same time everyday ---- key is to be consistent with both of these remedies !!!!

it has been working for me so far and I have been BV free for almost two months **knock on wood**
When having sex another thing to keep in mind, if your having anal sex -- only have anal sex that night. Same goes for vaginal. Sounds gross but those fluids from those different areas = natural bacteria being in places they shouldn't which causes these infections.

BV is so frustrating, I know. I feel ya ladies and I hope this helps.

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You always take the pills in morning and night, correct? Not just when you are having symptoms?

Big question?

Your amount that you posted is in mcg? Not in mg right? Because your amount would equal out to 4000 mcg. Not recommended to take that much. Though, I feel that your advise would work if taking in the right dose of Folic Acid.

Big question?

Actually, it would equal out to be more than 4000 mcg. So, I assume that it is in mcg.

Big question?

Actually, it would equal out to be more than 4000 mg. So, I assume that it is in mcg.


Your honesty is so refreshing... Thank you.

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