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I work at a daycare and I found out when I got ringworm from a student that the best cure was to wash the area daily with Sulfer Soap.
Cleared it up quickly and I still wash with this soap to prevent getting it again.
Don't let children play in dirt. Especialy dirt that has been soaked in standing rain water. Wash children's hands and bath them after they play outside.

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I tried everything but nothing ever killed the ringworm until now! I am taking Grapefruit seed extract and applying grapefruit seed extract oil and I feel great because the itching has stopped. It's a natural anti-fungal and anti-viral. I found more info that explains it better: Grapefruit seed extract(GSE) is a quaternary compound converted from the bioflavonoids(naringin, isosacuranetin, neohesperidin, hesperidin, dihydrocampherol glycoside, poncirin, quercetin glycoside, campherol glycoside, apigenin rutinoside, to name a few) found in grapefruit seed and pulp. This plant-based germicidal has proven to have a strong growth-inhibiting effect on bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Because of its extremely low toxicity for humans, plants, and animals, it is becoming the treatment of choice by those seeking a broad-spectrum antimicrobial without the side-effects associated with most pharmaceuticals.

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