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Used DMSO to open up a cyst that two doctors hesitated to lance. I don't know why. DMSO worked like a charm in a matter of a couple of days.

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Honestly I just got a cyst on my tailbone today and the minute I started to feel tightness and chills with unable to walk syndrome. I immediately put toothpaste on it the whitening one, for one of two reasons the mint and the whitening in the toothpaste works as a drawing agent and two the fluoride and antibacterial agents help soften the skin and let it spontaneous rupture. Well I put the toothpaste on at 920pm and at 1045pm it was already ruptured I felt no pain and drained on its own. So please anyone suffering from this stuff like I have use TOOTHPASTE IT WORKS WONDERS !!!!


What kind of toothpaste does it have too be white.... or can it be any color

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