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A couple puffs of marijuana, the indica strain. I live in San Diego and have my 'medical card'. I use to take clonopin as part of my treatment for social anxiety disorder. After weaning myself off of it I gradually developed RLS. I noted that after smoking the occasional marijuana, I would get to sleep just fine. I now cannot fall asleep at night due to the absolute agony of RLS unless I smoke a little weed. I then learned that it is the indica strain that works best, and the sativa strain only sometimes! So there you have it. And no, smoking a little weed will not make you a heroin addict.

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l agree it works wonders. On a lot of pain issues try the oil's. Leslie in Texas


How do you know it is the indica type and not the sativa type? I don't have access to medical pot. I have RLS all over my body and it has worsened lately. I went back to smoking some because of how much it worked before. But the kind of pot I have right now does not help. How can I find or make sure I get the right kind?


The only way to find out for sure what type of strain it is, ask when you buy it. The indicas work because of the pain reducing features along with the relaxing nature of the weed. The Sativas, on the other hand, are more of a cleaning the house and getting things done type of weed. I've used the Indica strains for years for pain relief and RLS. Hope this helps and I hope everyone finds some relief from this insidious "syndrome".


Hi I have RLS too plus seizures so it's kind of diffult for me but lately my RLS has been coming back it so annoying and aching don't know what else to do

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