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Hello Ladies,

I have been struggling for THREE YEARS with BV. I have had some hormonal imbalances that have not helped my cause as well, and I have tried every trick in the book, from boric acid, to hydrogen peroxide, probiotics, metro gel, you name it I have tried it. This has been an embarrassing and frustrating issue to deal with. I had really given up when I stumbled onto something, and it worked so well I have to share.

I tried a total body detox from the vitamin shoppe a while back, called Total Body Cleanse. It is a 5 day fast and detox kit. Initially I was trying it to kick start a diet, but I tell you what, I was amazed to find that it actually cleared up my BV symptoms. When I say clear I mean no discharge, no foul odor, no irritation, and for almost 6 months now it has stayed away.

If you have tried a few remedies and nothing has worked, I encourage you to try a detox. Flushing your system of toxins and pollutants may really help with a more long term solution. I thought I would never have a normal PH down there again, and it has worked!

Best of luck girls. You are not alone!

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