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hi everyone.
ACV is really working. for 2 weeks of effort all the warts has nearly all off. It hurts like hell but definitly worth to try.
but something worse happened.
i found there is in my inner tongue a sore and some on my oral wall. it was so desperating ... does anyone know how can i deal with them..

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I;ve had these too. Been getting them since I was a kid actually. There is a product called Kanka that is amazing. I think its like 5 bucks for a small bottle at whatever grocery store. But that little bottle will last forever. When I get a sore, I dab this stuff on once a day, maybe twice. You have to awkwardly keep your mouth open and try your best to let it sort of dry for a few minutes. Sometimes it burns like hell too, but only for a minute. After just a few days that thing will be gone.


I used peroxide. I regualrly gargle with peroxide to whiten my teeth, among the other million things it can be used for i thought i might give it a try.
So I swished w/ 1 capful of peroxide in my mouth for 1-1.5 minutes. Checked it a few days later and it was nearly gone. So, i swished w/it again this morning and this evening i can barely even see it.
If your going to try this method, I would suggest being more consistant than I was. Pehaps doing it 1-2 times a day for at least a few days straight depending on the severity of your outbreak.

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