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Ive had hsv for about 3 years now my first outbreak was the absolute worse one. But every so often i get one the best things i found to help were taking warm baths in epsom salt and makingsute to splash thr water into my vagina, also after i dry off i apply corn starch all over this helps keep me dry and everytime i use the restroom at home i run a wash cloth under cool water and place it on my vagina a few time this helps sootge the itching and burning and cleans the area abd re apply the cornstarch again. Also i have found by reducing my stress levels working out and eating right helps alot as well

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Cant you get them froze off with instant wart remover?


Im experiencing my very first outbreak. It has been 9 days and I just cant see any signs of it going away. It is in my vaginal opening on just one side. I done the splash of water, i also let tub fill with enough water so that i can sit and it wont burn, and i pat to dry. Is it normal for vaginal opening to look raw after a week? I also seen oozing on my panties, that i believe its from sores. I look at my sores about 7x a day hoping i see improvement. Im so stressed out. I walk so slow and sitting, etc just hurts. :( why me :(

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