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I have always used a regular tea bag, soaked in warm water for about a minute. Place on the eyes or place several drops in the eye. (make sure the tea bag is not hot) It is very good for irritation.

This is also wonderful for eye infections and I have used it on kittens when their eyes get all gunked up with infection. It has never failed. Just make sure you don't use the same tea bag for both eyes if only one is infected.

Have used this for years for all sorts of eye ailments and have never been dissapointed.

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The tea bags work and here is why, most likely. They are a conveniently shaped padding which will lay into the eye socket area well. As the warm tea bag lies over the lid, it penetrates and soothes the eyeball. The tea entering the eye is not uncomfortable, but I think the main value in this home remedy is in the heat pad for the eye.


How many times a day do you recommend doing this?
I have a 8 week old kitten and she has this green gunky stuff in her eyes, when she wakes up her lids are sealed.


i tried this remedy and it doesnt work at all it just made my eyes hurt worse than they already was


took away the pain but my eye is still puffy and red :S


Burns like fire, but really works! Doesn't delete the puffiness under the affected eye, but a cotton ball with some Witch Hazel works on that.


I woke up with my eye red and watery and haven't been able to get it to calm down all day but I just tried this and it worked right away! Thanks! I used a mint tea bag and I think the coolness of the mint helped soothe the area around my eye as well.

Terre Dunivant

I use chamomile tea bags, as chamomile is a calming herb. Works every time and doesn't hurt a bit (bags cannot be too hot, and use one bag on one eye onliy).


I made the mistake of grabbing a baby wipe and spread the scotch pepper juice from my eye right down to my cheek bone. After reading this I grabbed a cold tea bag left from the pot and it immediately went away. It's been 10 min and the burning returns if I take it off but less erach time. Thanks cause it was burning bad!


Im sorry, i didnt know it was a 10 point scale. :( i took my contact out cause my eye was starting to hurt and this remedy fixed the pain. Leaving my contact out for a while plan on doing this again in a few hours and probably drinking a cup of CLEAN tea.


This may sound like a dumb question but Does it matter if your eyes are opened or closed when placing on the teabags? My hub just finished a roofing job and his eyes are red, irritated and burning. I just want to make sure I do this right for him. Thanks

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