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George Kefalos

I have had sore throats and generally when they occur in the evening I'm pretty sure I will wake up the next morning with a cold. A few months ago I had a one like I never had before, when I coughed I felt something like a little bubble come up in my throat, it scared me because I never had that feeling before, I gargled a few minutes with peroxide, but it didn't do any good , I imagined that it might be strep throat, and it was a Friday night and I wouldn't be able to see my doctor until Monday at the earliest.I knew turmeric was used as a antibiotic so I mixed a couple of table spoons of it with honey until it was a paste and slowly swallowed all it before I went to bed. I was expecting to wake up the next morning with the mother of all colds but I woke up with no cough, no sore throat and not a trace of a cold. to me it was like a miracle. I am 81 years old and have had my share of sore throats and never in all those years have I ever been able to rid my self of a sore throat that quick, and I have tried every remedy that I knew of. I told my children of what happened to me and a few weeks later my daughter called me that she had a sore throat and she tried what I told her and it worked for her. Could it be the cure for the common cold. I have another miracle fix for ruptured disk, that just happened to me so I will submit that also.

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This really works.


What is turmeric?

Dawn Teach

Please post your remedy for ruptured disks, I have horrible back problems I'm willing to try anything.

Dawn Teach

If you could email me please


Thank you


Tumeric is a yellowish mustard colour spice used in foods and food preparation.. You would get it at any indian grocery or spice stores..

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