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I have Herpes 1 and I'm going through my first genital, anal, AND oral OB right now (my bf had a cold sore, I kissed him and he went down on me for like 5 seconds, I guess that's all it takes). Luckily my oral ob is starting to clear up bc of Abreeva. As for my OB down there I've also been using abreeva as well as tea tree oil AND this special ointment called Surivon. You can google it and it will come right up. It's a little pricey but I was so desperate to make this go away as quick as possible. This product claims to heal the OB fast AND prevent future ones. Anyways, using all of these products has managed to make my OB way less painful and I think it's starting to go away too. It started off in the inside of my vagina and hurt so freaking badly which is why I needed to find something that would work quick. Now the inside of my vagina is basically cleared (no more terrible burning and severe dread of going to the bathroom). Now I'm just working on trying to heal my anal OB. Only problem now is that I can't tell which product helped me the most. I think it was mostly the abreeva. The Tea Tree and the Surivon deff helped with the pain though. I think the Abreeva was the most responsible for the quick healing. Just remember that Abreeva prob won't work if you have Herpes 2.

I've done SO much research on herpes during the past week and went through a LOT of tears. Basically I was crying all the time which Is not me at all. My advise is to just focus on the healing bc it WILL get better eventually even though it seems like you've been suffering through your first OB for what seems like forever and you can't remember the last time you were able to run and sit without feeling discomfort, IT WILL END. Also for all of you suffering from Herpes 1 down there, this will probably be one of your last OBs down there because Herpes 1 likes the mouth better. So just stay positive. That's the main reason why I kind of don't want to go on Meds bc I'd rather let my body heal on it's own and I possibly won't get another genital OB again.

Anyone with Herpes 1 genitally that can vouch for this? Please Respond. I'm having a lot of trouble finding info online and my doctor is no help with shedding any light on the matter. Thanks!!

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I am in the same exact boat. About two years ago, before my fiancé had a breakout, we had sex and he went down on me. That night I had severe pains down there and woke up the next day with crazy itching. I thought it was a yeast infection so I did all of the above. I went about three weeks without going to the doctor because I was so afraid. Once I went I was put on antibiotics and I started taking oatmeal baths which really helped. I spent about a month and a half crying. Every once in awhile I get a weird feeling down there but I am currently experiencing a minor outbreak. I don't have any remedies except just staying dry and trying to be clean. I will try the survivon cream. Thanks for your advice and good luck with everything.


I contracted Herpes from my husband in my late teen years. I was in so much pain during the first outbreak, and did not seek medical treatment because I was so ashamed. Afterwards though, the outbreaks were significantly less. Like one sore, equivalant to an ingrown hair. The outbreaks were initially random. Then they started to coincide with the onset of my menstrual cycle. As I grew older, into my 30s, my diet and exercise improved, less processed food, more fresh produce and meats/fish, and I noticed my outbreaks reduced to 1-3 times per year, also with my menstrual cycle still. I think my immune system adapted, because I never introduced prescriptions into my system. I have used tea tree oil for easing discomfort, even peppermint oil, and Epsom Salt baths with 1/2 cup baking soda, and 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar to clean/soak that area. I am 40 years old now ...outbreaks last typically 5 days with very little discomfort, unless I aggravate the area unintentionally.HeRpes is aggravated by stress -so try to minimze your stress.


I acquired genital hsv-1 anout six months ago. The first outbreak was definitely not my favorite experience. I have never been so afraid of having to pee in my life. :P I have had a sore here and there pop up since then, usually due to friction in that area. Nothing near the initial outbreak though.


It's not actually possible for someone with cold sores (hsv1) to kiss or have oral sex with a partner and infect them with hsv2 (genital herpes) as they are TWO SEPARATE VIRUSES! That's like saying you caught hepatitis from a malaria patient.

As for having hsv1 and it hurting when you expel urine, you either have hsv2 or there is another cause.

This is something I have treated regularly in my capacity as a nurse and nutritionist.


Actually you can have either virus in either location, it just depends where the virus enters the body. It is estimated that about 30% of new genital herpes diagnoses are hsv1 rather than hsv2. I guess more people are having oral sex these days. Hsv1 has a better outlook than hsv2 when contracted genitally.


Also, burning urination does not indicate which type of herpes you have. Urine passing over open sores is painful no matter what. There is pain when urinating from the urethra and pain when urine touches an open sore. So whether its HSV-1 or HSV-2, it will hurt, maybe for different reasons, but it will still hurt/burn. I hope this helps!


For someone who is a nurse, that is surprisingly inaccurate. There are definitely two types of HSV, and yes they are different strains. However, HSV1 can be transferred from the mouth to the genitals during oral sex so you certainly can have sores down there that are painful with urine hits them.


You asked what our experiences were. I contracted this through oral sex and have had 3 breakouts in 16 years. From the reading I've done, that's significantly less than contracting it through sex.
I recently went to the Dr. and was prescribed an antidepressant. I discontinued the antidepressant and now have the worst breakout ever! Much worse than the first (unless because it was 16 years ago I don't remember how bad it was). The antidepressant is Cymbalta. NEVER take it.
I'm so mad at myself for not researching it!! I haven't disclosed to my doctor about me having herpes because we live in a small town and my friend works in his office. I know it's dumb. I'm passing this on to you though in hopes it never happens.


I have had HSV1 genitally for 4 years. I was tested by my GYN during my first active outbreak which was beyond horrible. Two weeks of peeing in the tub because the pain was so bad. I'm reading through all the posts and I will say yes HSV1 hurts while you Pee. I found peeing in the tub was the only way to relieve it. Over the years I have only had 2 other outbreaks but recently I have had a bunch, every few months. My doctor says it's due to extreme stress and lack of sleep so my best advice is keep your immune system in check. The doctor now wants me to take Valtrex every day for 12 months to see if we can slow things down which I am not a fan of doing but seems inevitable. I have tried many of the remedies talked about on this page. I have not found many that have done the trick for me completely but the Gyn did suggest I try Domeboro astringent solution that you use for drying up Poison Ivy. I find it helps a bit. I make a solution and soak it in a gauze pad and leave compressed on it for a bit a few times a day. It's all about drying it out once the sore is open so they key is keeping it dry which is a hard part of the body to keep dry.

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