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I've been trying Litterally everything, all the remedies you all listed, and then some even dr gave me steroid antibiotics, norco for the rediculous pain, and ibprofin too. Citrus in ear, smoke in ear, rubbing alcahol, hydrogen peroxide, combos, nothing is working but the norco for pain, but as soon at that wears off it's intense pain. Dr says swimmers ear. It's been 4 days and no progress. Any other suggestions? I Litterally cannot hear in my right ear at all. And I have a constant loud ringing in it as we'll. Right now just doing the antibiotics,, and norco. I'm running out of pain pills and I'm terrified to feel that intense pain again. Even tho even with the pain med. every like 5-10 min I get an intense sharp pain shoot through my ear. Help ? Some one? Any one?

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did you try the netti pot? because our Ear Nose and Throat are all connected by sinus cavaties this often relieves pressure and pain to the ears.

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