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The very best thing that worked for me for my toothache, and believe me, it was the worst toothache I had ever had. Was Sensodine toothpaste, I thought it was a fluke, but my brother in law told me it worked for him. Nothing would even touch the pain, so I thought I had nothing to loose.

The peroxide worked for about 15 minutes, I also tried anbesol (a whole bottle in one evening)tried pure peppermint extract (worked for about an hour) I tried all 3 combined. Nothing would give me any kind of lasting relief.

I cannot take regular pain killers because of a medicine sensitivity. I have neglected my teeth for years because of a fear of the dentist.
Not only did one of my teeth hurt, but 4 of them at one time. I have never experienced such pain, I couldn't even tell you my own name.

The Sensodine toothpaste, took the pain almost all away the first time I used it, and I continued to use as directed, it has been one week and I am pain free.

I hope this will help someone else, because it surely was a blessing to me.

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Hello, this is just to say thank you to susan for her comment on Sensadyne tooth paste - for severe tooth ache, this is without a shadow of a doubt the only thing that work's - in a nutshell even stupid large amounts of paramol or nurafen would not stop the pain 'nothing' would work intill i read susan's post. it really does work. thank you so much - the pain was so bad i went light headed and weak at the knees... this doe's work ! - now go to the dentist.


Sensodyne is almost $5 bucks a tube. I got the Colgate Sensitive Whitening toothpaste because it has the same active ingredients as Sensodyne but less expensive. Also Crest, Orajel, and Arm & Hammer sell sensitive versions of toothpaste as well and are not as expensive as Sensodyne.


I tried this and between this, peroxide, peanut butter, and aspirin, i was able to sleep last night, but the synsodyne seems to sting a little.


this worked very well. i have a really bad tooth that is infected and as simple this remedy is, its very smart! it worked wonders! im still using it and will get this darn tooth pulled! thanks for the suggestion. it really helped alot!!


Usually I'm loving the Sensodyne. However, the last tube I bought was the extra whitening Sensodyne, and the whitening stuff seems to negate the pain killing effect.


I tried Sensodyne when experiencing pain from excessive hydrogen peroxide and baking soda use. It seems to help with that kind of pain. Pain was reduced by 90%.


My Dentist told me that when using Sensodine toothpaste to help with sensitive teeth, you use 1 tube of the Sensodine then switch to your regular toothpast for 1 tube. You continue to alternate each tube back and forth. The Sensodine will quite working for you if you use it exclusively.


I have had bad toothache for 5 days nothing would work but today i am going to have them out. i had been to a local dentist but they gave me the wrong antibiotics so i went to another dentist yesterday they have gave me something better i am pain free at the moment and i had 12 hours sleep last night but i found a hot water bottle worked and some orajel that was amazing

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