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Lori B.

I get this from time to time. Now at the outset of the tiniest crack in the corner of my mouth, I do the following:
1) Immediately up my intake of B Complex.
2) Apply Hydrogen Peroxide on Q-tip at corner of mouth. (I saw a lot of people say rubbing alcohol, but it's already dried out and why sting if you don't have to!)
3) Manuka Honey applied with q-tip after the peroxide dries. This honey from New Zealand has antibacterial properties and is used in many british hospitals to treat all sorts of skin disorders and burns. I get mine online and keep it handy. I once had a tummy ache while on an island vacation and a spoonful of this handled it right away.

Got off topic a bit there... but when doing steps 1-3, morning and night, by the next day it already shows signs of healing so I just keep up the vitamin B. Hope this helps!

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